December 5th, 2006

Me one more time!

Rodriguez meets with Alabama officials in New York

No offer is expected to be made today, but when you have an "informal" meeting for 90 minutes according to his wife... things are definitely happening.

Let it be said I am willing to do whatever it takes to get Rodriguez out of Morgantown and into Tuscaloosa. If Coach Shula did one thing, it was that he didn't leave the pantry bare. John Parker Wilson ran an offense extremely similar to Rodriguez's version of the spread in high school, and Jimmy Johns is the type of running back that would definitely be effective in that offense.

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New report out - Alabama will decide on Rodriguez within 72 hours

New report out - Alabama will decide on Rodriguez within 72 hours

Telling line of the whole article:

"Rodriguez has made it clear that he wants to know soon if he must make a decision. West Virginia has a big recruiting weekend planned, the coach said, and he doesn't want his discussion with Alabama to drag well into next week."

72 hours would bring us to Friday. A Friday press conference announcing a new head coach would maintain its legs throughout the weekend. The same could be said about a press conference or news regarding Rodriguez saying no to the job.