November 30th, 2006

Alabama Crimson Tide

Private Detective in Training

You can go here and see that South Carolina's jet went to Teterboro, NJ. You can go here and see that large 'Bama booster Hunt's private jet flew from Dallas to Tuscaloosa to Teterboro, NJ. They arrived and left in the same basic time frame.

Secret meeting between Spurrier and Mal Moore in Jersey? That would make sense since every corner of the southeast is being watched for signs. - CBS WAKA 8 is reporting that an offer has been made to Spurrier.

Tonight on Souther Sports Tonight(a show based out of Ft Walton) they reported that the contract is a 7 year 3.3mil a year, 5 mil signing bonus, and a blank check to hire assistant coaches style contract. is reporting that Spurrier is in Tuscaloosa. This is a blog though so take it with a grain of salt.

That's your up to the minute "give me a goddamn source if you're going to give me a goddamn rumor" report on Steve Spurrier's imminent arrival in Tuscaloosa.

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Me one more time!

Joe Kines to Texas

I'm waiting for the official word, but all indications are that Alabama Defensive Coordinator and current Interim Head Coach has/will accept the Defensive Coordinator job at the University of Texas.

Let me be the first to wish Coach Kines the best of luck. He will be missed.