November 15th, 2006


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i know this is crazy.. but im looking for a converted student ticket for $90 - $100. .... its for my girlfriend. please help me please.. you can email me at .. i would greatly appreciate it if you would help me on this.
Me one more time!

Come on... it's Iron Bowl Week!

Because I'm sick and tired of seeing the only thing about the Iron Bowl is people trying to sell their tickets, I give you this:

War Buzzard, flop down the field...
Never to conquer, always to yield!
War Eagle, fearfull, it's true...
Go to hell you orange and blue!
Die! Die! Die!
On to a loss, strike up the band,
Go to hell! Go to hell!
Stand up and yell, hey!
War Buzzard, lose for Auburn,
Stinking of Dixie Land!

Sing it loud and sing it proud! It's going to be thumbs down on Saturday!