November 12th, 2006

Me one more time!

Alabama vs. LSU

LSU Tigers: 28
Alabama Crimson Tide: 14

Well, we played pretty good, but we still couldn't pull it out in the end. Our offense looked real good at times, but the dead zone problems bit us in the end. If we hadn't fumbled right before the half, I would have liked to have seen where the momentum would have taken us. Oh yeah - Jamarcus Russell played a hell of a game. Another weakness we had tonight was our run defense. LSU shredded us in that regard. Anyways, the game itself was decent to watch, although it was pretty cold in Tiger Stadium, and we were like three rows from the top. The wind had the potential to be real bad, but it calmed down as the evening progressed. The fans were that bad either... I got a kick out of being called Tiger Bait by little four year old kids with their parents looking on in approval. God bless college football.

I'll take some consolation in knowing that both Auburn and Tennessee got their asses handed to them today.

Anyways... it's now officially Iron Bowl week! Enjoy these pictures and then get ready for the most bitter rivalry in college sports!

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