October 31st, 2006

(no subject)

Since ive been getting so many comments on how quick everyone is taking to me, i wanted to post this and just say that im sorry if i offended anyone with my first post. Yes, i swear alot. I swear when im happy, pissed, depressed, whatever. And ive got my reasons for it. But i definately did not know that i was going to get bashed and judged for doing so...
I know the few who did leave me sarcastic comments wouldnt really care if i said that those comments hurt me a little. But i wanted to say thanks for calling me an idiot and thanks for laughing at me. Feels amazing to recieve such love. But youre both right, wow!
And thanks for making me realize that UA probably wouldnt accept me because i am an idiot.

A-fucking-men. The "idiot" has spoken.