October 28th, 2006

Me one more time!

Alabama vs. FIU: Homecoming 2006

Final Score:

Alabama Crimson Tide: 38
Florida International Golden Panthers: 3

Pregame: Well, it was Homecoming on campus, this alum from the Class of 2004 was ready to roll, and we couldn't have had better weather. I got on campus around 8:00 A.M., and my parents had already beaten me there. The menu for the day was catfish as my friend Chris' dad works for American Pride seafood, so we had a big old catfish fry going. Let me just say it was very popular as every few minutes... you'd see one of the construction workers on campus or someone else coming up and fixing a plate. We had a TON of fish from what I could tell. I'm not a real big catfish person, so I just stuck with the usuals - smoked sausage, pigs in a blanket, and chicken fingers. Mom made a Poppyseed cake, which is my all time favorite. I saw some people I went to school with that were back in town for Homecoming, and I got some cool alumni swag, including a 175 year hat pin (This is Alabama's 175th year as a college) and a cool "A - The Tradition" sticker. We even had a visit from John Parker's dad and grandparents (His uncle tailgates with us every week). I also went to see some of the Homecoming parade. I've seen it for a few years, but every year... I'm waiting to see the Deathmobile pull up and wreak havoc on the event a la "Animal House". mattdoesntcare, I'm looking in your direction to make that happen.

The game: It was pretty boring at times. I was about to lose it after hearing this asshole near us complain and complain about every little thing. He's one of the types that has gotten all his knowledge about college football from NCAA on PS2 or XBox. Whenever we'd make a good play, him and his idiot friends actually looked disappointed. I know he probably would have kicked my ass, but I just wanted to go over and tell him to shut the hell up or get out of the stadium. Anyways, a big scare came when John Parker's ankle got messed up. He came back later in the game, and no one was real happy to see that. He should have stayed out, and thank God he didn't get hurt again. Jimmy Barnes came in and looked awkward as hell. Still, it didn't matter much because FIU really did struggle due to the lack of players on their team. Even though they opened up the game 3-0, this one was never in doubt. It was good not to have to worry about the game up until the end. Everyone was much more relaxed when we came back to the tailgating spot.

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