October 24th, 2006

(no subject)

Three things:

1. Like everyone else, I have a student Homecoming ticket for sale. $25 OBO. Comment or email if interested: hanso006@bama.ua.edu.

2. I may potentially be looking for one REGULAR ticket to Mississippi State. Let me know if you have one. :)

3. I am registering for the GRE. The website says you are allowed to take the test once per calendar month. However, the last day I can take it for the schools that I'm applying to is December 1st. I take all of this to mean I can take it once in the middle of November and once on December 1st. Does anyone know about the rules for this? If I want to take it December 1st, do I have to take it November 1st or earlier? Thanks for the help. :)