October 14th, 2006

Me one more time!

Alabama vs. Ole Miss

Final Score:

Alabama Crimson Tide: 26
Ole Miss Rebels: 23

(Won in Overtime)

Pregame: Unfortunately, my parents called on Friday and said they couldn't attend. I was disappointed in hearing that, but they should make it for Homecoming in a couple of weeks. Tailgating was good as usual. It was a bit cooler today, but man, the weather was perfect. It was pretty crowded in our area as Ole Miss brought a lot of fans with them to Tuscaloosa. All in all, the tailgating festivities were good, although I prefer night games because they give you that much more time to enjoy yourself.

The game itself: Again, another bowling shoe ugly game that we ended up winning. People will continue to knock us, but again, I don't knock this team when they pull out a win. I especially don't knock them when they pull out an overtime win since the last time we won in overtime was 1999 in Gainsville. Ken Darby decided to show up today, and he helped out quite a bit with some good runs. We had a rash of injuries in the game, but I don't know how bad they were. D.J. Hall and Keith Brown seemed to be okay, but it's Jimmy Johns I'm worried about. Our wide-outs missed some easy catches that would have been huge gains, but I must give it up to Will Oakley, our token white WR. He played a hell of a game and made a critical catch in overtime to set up the winning touchdown pass. Brent Schafers was mobile as hell today. Still, as poorly as we did play at times, Ole Miss couldn't find a way to capitalize. I must admit... I had nightmare visions of the Arkansas game mid-way in the 4th because I could see it going to overtime. I also found it funny the band got shut out of playing "Basket Case" at the beginning of the 4th. I heard CBS or the University had a band nanny(I can't make this up) to keep the band from playing when advertisements were running. Un-freaking-real. Oh yeah, I almost forgot... they were giving away free Houndstooth baseball hats with the script A on the front. It's days like these I'm glad I kept my ACT card. A quick flash of that puppy, and bam... David gets a free hat!

Next week - we go to Knoxvegas to play the Vols... I hate that I have to miss this one due to work.

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