September 23rd, 2006

Coat of Arms

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Godd@mn stupid-@$$ motherf***ing sons of bitches!

This loss is on the shoulders of Shula and Ungerer—and, of course, Leigh Tiffin.

After the missed field goal in the first OT, Tiffin should have been sent to the locker room.  If Christensen couldn’t go, surely there is one more man on the roster who can make an extra point. 

It’s just like Auburn’s John Vaughn against LSU last year.  Sure, he missed five field goals, but after the third miss, it’s all mental.  He wasn’t going to hit another one no matter how many chances he got, and the blame should have gone to Tuberville for leaving the kid in the game.  It’s kind of like Grady Little leaving Pedro Martinez in to lose Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS.

And they showed one of the coaching staff talking to Tiffin after the game, no doubt telling him that this wasn’t his fault.  Bullshit.  It was completely his fault.  The defense played well, and the offense played well.  It wasn’t a mistake-free game, but we played well enough to win.  The placekicker let down the rest of the team, and the coaches let them down as well by keeping him in the game.  Now the poor kid will probably slit his own wrists tonight.

There goes this season…maybe we can contend for the SEC next year.  See y'all in late December in Shreveport or maybe Seattle.

I’m so fcuking angry right now I can’t see straight.

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