September 19th, 2006

Ok, Ok Auburn

I posted this on myspace the other day......

And I figured that every Bama fan should know

Bama Students piss me off with fight song......

And the Million Dollar Band's version on cd/myspace doesn't help either.

How come there are only a few of us out there that know the correct words to the University of Alabama's fight song?

Crimson Tide does not appear til the end of the song, and it's also Go Roll to Victory, not Roll on to Victory.

Boy this chaps my butt. Here are the correct lyrics. Learn them if you don't know them and if you forget them, they are printed on the overpriced cups you buy at the stadium now:

"Yea, Alabama!"

Yea, Alabama! Drown 'em Tide!
Every 'Bama man's behind you;
Hit your stride!
Go teach the Bulldogs to behave,
Send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave!
And if a man starts to weaken,
That's his shame!
For 'Bama's pluck and grit
Have writ her name in crimson flame!
Fight on, fight on, fight on, men!
Remember the Rose Bowl we'll win then!
Go, roll to victory,
Hit your stride,
You're Dixie's football pride, Crimson Tide!