April 28th, 2006


rental experiences?

Hey guys,

I just wanted to know everyone's best and worst apt. or house rental experiences in T-Town. Which companies do you recommend? Which do you not? Know of any individual landlords who are cool? I'm going to look for a 2-bedroom house, which I know will be virtually impossible because all the good ones already have been rented for the fall. But I can't very well just pop up there with no job, lol. I'm hoping to get somewhere between downtown and the Strip, up Hackberry toward McFarland, or around 15th St. between Hackberry and McFarland.

I'm asking because I'll (hopefully) be back up there later in the summer, and I've never dealt with any of the companies there in town, as I was always in the dorms or the sorority house. I've heard bad things about Sealy and Delview. I'm already approved with H.A. Edwards.

Sooo... any advice or tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks and Roll Tide.

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