April 15th, 2006


In case any of you happen to park at University Town Center (BadAss, Qdoba, etc.) here's a little tale of caution:
Last night my boyfriend parked his car there because he had business to do there before we met up with a group for drinks. I was parked in another part of the Strip, and I was the DD. Obviously he was in no shape to drive, so we went home and all was well. Fast forward to this morning and we make our way over there to discover that the car has been towed. Fine. However, the towing company hit him with a $160 charge to get his car back becase the lovely people at the parking lot decided to call the tower out at freaking 1 AM, which is always extra. After discussing the matter with some employees at the Bad Ass, we learned that UTC only started towing people this week.
I'm angry because there really isn't a parking problem there, save for a couple hours on weekdays during the rush hour, and it's usually people who are parking to go to Phil's or Pepito's, not people who have legitimate reasons to park there. Weekends are typically not busy. I also find it ridiculous that they would not attempt to monitor what the towing company charges, especially when they call the truck out at such a late hour. Consequently, I am refusing to do business there. The only alternative would have been to drive while under the influence, and I don't really consider that a viable option.