March 6th, 2006

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Hi everyone! Ill be a a freshman next and was looking at the housing and I am having a hard time deciding..

I know Tutwiler sucks and all, my sister lived there a couple years ago, but I want to live somewhere where it i wll be really easy to meet a good group of girls. I also want to live somewhere nice though. Im accepted into the honors program so riverside and lakeside are options as well. My only things about these two places are that they are kinda far off and I am afraid it will be harder to meet people there. What do you guys think? What would you do? Are there anythings I should know?


Also I do plan on rushing if that makes a difference.

Grad cap and gown for sale

Hey there,
I know the Grad Celebration is this week so I wanted to let everyone know I have a cap and gown worn only once I'm willing to sell at a discount. It's a women's Bachelor gown, size 5'6"-5'8". If you're interested just let me know.